Learn here about the honeybee pollen info you need to know on this incredible energy food.

This vital bee pollen information page is about the fundamental aspects of this incredible wonderfood.

“Wonderfood” sounds like an exaggeration but it isn’t. So, what is bee pollen? It is the male seed of flowers. It is actually required for the fertilization of a plant.

At the free end of the stamen in the heart of the blossom. These particles consist of 50/1,000-millimeter corpuscles. Believe it or not, every variety of flower in the world puts forth a dusting of pollen.

Bee Pollen Info You Need to Know

Bee bread is the food of the humble yet industrious bee and it is about 40% protein. It is considered one of nature’s most complete foods and appropriately so. It contains nearly all bee pollen granulesnutrients required by humans.

About half of its protein is in the form of free amino acids that are ready to be sued directly by the body. Such highly assimilable protein can contribute significantly to one’s protein needs.

I suppose bee bread is best known as an energy supplement or “wonderfood.” It is certainly that. It is used by athletes worldwide for the sustained energy and endurance it gives.

(I can personally attest to this even though I’m not a professional athlete.) It is also a rejuvenator or a tonic.

It is also used to help assist in recovery from various illnesses. Some of the things bee pollen is used for are:

  • Helpful with skin eruptions and skin problems like eczema
  • Increases the libido
  • Balance the endocrine system with benefits in menstrual and prostate problems
  • Helps build blood
  • Reduce cravings for sugary foods and alcohol
  • Helps serve as a cancer cell inhibitor
  • Is a radiation protectant

It even helps for diaper rash although I’ve never heard of it being used this way personally

Some say the bulk of research isn’t available to support these conclusions. Well, to that I say, don’t believe everything the medical establishment tells you to. Think for yourself. I found this in bee-pollen-jar2an ezine I subscribe to. I think you’ll find it interesting when you think the medical establishment and Big Pharma have all the answers.

“These experts [doctors] – who are supposedly so smart and capable – almost always get “it” wrong. And, worse, when they get it wrong, they do a spectacular job of it too. Although the data varies depending upon the source, just look at what the butcher’s bill comes to:

  • 106,000 deaths annually, at a cost of $12 billion, from adverse drug reactions;
  • 98,000 deaths annually, at a cost of $2 billion, from medical errors;
  • 115,000 deaths annually, at a cost of $55 billion, from bedsores;
  • 88,000 deaths annually from infections, at a cost of $5 billion, caused by medical intervention;
  • 37,000 deaths annually, at a cost of $122 billion, from unnecessary medical procedures;
  • 32,000 deaths annually, at a cost of $9 billion, from surgery-related medical intervention

The above figures do not include those outpatient deaths from medical intervention (some 199,000 annually at a cost of $77 billion), or the astounding figures from Dr. Lucien Leape’s 1997 study of medical and drug-error rates (3 million deaths annually, he reports!) (Leape LL, “Error in Medicine,” JAMA, 1994 Dec 21;272(23):1851-7).

On the more conservative end of the spectrum, even an expert panel from the Institute of Medicine (of the National Academy of Sciences) found that medical errors kill from 44,000 to 98,000 Americans each year” (British Medical Journal, 1999 December 11; 319(7224): 1519.

Pretty chilling, isn’t it?

Of course, the government can help. The FDA, for example, discovered a particular bee bread product had a banned drug in it! You can read about it here.

How Do You Use Bee Pollen?

Take is as a supplement in pill form. Or, you can buy it in granular form and sprinkle it in shakes on salads or just by hand. I personally like it in hot herbal tea.

I knew a man who ate it this way. He liked the taste, I didn’t. (I like it in pill form as it has a sweet, chalky taste I just personally don’t like but each to his own.)bee pollen research

Bee supplements are very popular with athletes but if you want more energy and some of the benefits above, you should be taking it too.

Precautions to Employ When Supplementing With Bee Pollen

If you’re pregnant or if you have bee sting allergies, you shouldn’t take it to be safe. If you’re breastfeeding, don’t take it unless again your doctor says it’s okay. Children shouldn’t take it if they are two and under. I also recommend buying only bee bread that is made in a GMP-compliant facility. This ensures quality of raw nutrients as well as bottling procedures, cleanliness factors, exclusion of banned substances, manufacturing procedures and even employee training.
100%, One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

So, I do recommend you take a bee bread supplement whether in granule form or as a manufactured pill or capsule. The one I take is the best I’ve found on the market but choose and study for yourself. I hope this bee pollen page has been useful to you.

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