How to Increase Sexual Pleasure with Superfoods Like Bee Pollen

How to increase sexual pleasure with natually-occurring superfoods like bee pollen that are affordable and readily available.

By Jack L. Cowen & Maria Alonzo-Perez

The first thing we need to discuss about superfoods is how it affects intimacy. Let’s be honest. Sexual pleasure is something both men — and women — want. It can be enhanced, too. And that is the purpose of this article.

In this article, we’ll show you how to increase sexual pleasure with superfoods like bee pollen and goji berries and ginseng as well as other foods and supplements.

One thing we can tell you is that the options here are cheaper than Viagra.

We’ve discovered some real secrets that can really help. In this short article, we will go over some very affordable and readily available superfoods and pharmaceutical-grade quality supplements that can increase the sex drive and noticeably enhance the orgasmic pleasure.

Plus, the supplements will infuse your system with much-needed nutrition that carries its own health benefits.

That’s the “Big Promise” of this article and we will deliver. When you are done reading this article, you will know what supplements to use to greatly amplify your orgasms as well as to give you significant sexual pleasure, desire and endurance.


The following supplements and superfoods will deliver enhanced sexual endurance and pleasure without side effects. We will discuss them one at a time but here they are:

  • FreeLife Goji Juice
  • Bee Pollen
  • Ginseng
  • Sasparilla
  • Female Rejuvenator for Females
  • Male Rejuvenator for Males

Now, let’s take them one by one.

FreeLife Goji Juice

Sold and marketed as “Gochii,” this juice comes from the fabled goji berries. (The one we recommend comes from FreeLife International, a multi-level marketing organization. We are not involved in their company in anyway. We simply recommend this product.)

While there are some legitimate claims about the efficacy of goji juice, we can tell you from goji-juice eexperience that this product markedly — tangibly, noticeably — increases sexual pleasure.

We are not biochemists so we cannot give you a detailed biochemical breakdown as to the nutrient value of GoChi juice. But, we can tell you from usage that it works. In our opinion, whether something works or not should be the final arbiter as to its capability or not. Bottom line — it works.

Currently, a pack of four bottles sells for $155 to $193. Expensive? Yes. If you do a Google search for “freelife goji juice” you will see it come up.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen supplements are among the most popular in the world now. It didn’t always used to be so, but it’s not considered a superfood and has been very well researched throughout the world. The benefits of bee pollen are many including restoring nutritional deficit, equalize the metabolism, increase athletic endurance, lower cholesterol, facilitate weight loss, and improve fertility. If bee pollen did nothing else other than restore a nutritional deficit that would be worth its usage as it has every vitamin, mineral, amino acid, enzyme and nutritional co-factor known to man.

It also greatly enhances orgasmic pleasure even increasing the length of the orgasm. For this reason, it has become especially popular with women, but it works well for men too. If the blend bee pollen granulesis properly assimilated, we recommend the capsule form although the granule form of bee pollen is certainly doable as well.

In our experience, the best results have come from using a very specific bee pollen capsule blend. See them here.

We have used it in granule form with herbal teas and while it has worked in providing energy, it hasn’t as dramatically enhanced sexual pleasure as much as this blend.

Folks, it works and it works noticeably, shockingly, delightfully well.

Superfoods, Cont’d


This is one of our favourite superfoods. It is, as teenagers are wont to say, “awesome” for so many reasons. It is a nutritional powerhouse by itself but when combined with bee pollen can be quite remarkable. Ginseng has been used in Asia for literally thousands of years and has rightly earned ginseng rootits place in the pantheon of superfoods.

Its health benefits are remarkable including, mental function, substantially increasing energy levels, improving immunity system, etc. It is also potent in improving the sex drive or libido as well.

Quality of ginseng makes a difference so be advised. It can get real expensive but the effect is noticeable.


This is one of the more unknown naturally-occurring supplements in the world. It’s most famous for being a beverage in 19th century America but to medicinal herbalists, it has long been revered for its tremendous therapeutic properties as well.

In School of Natural Healing (1976), Dr. John R. Christopher says, “Sarsaparilla is a wonderful tonic blood purifier and that some of its medicinal benefits are that it’s good for physical debility, weakness, sexual impotence, arthritis, gout, skin eruptions, etc” (p. 84).

The way to take it is as a tea. If you have a tea bob, just put the sarsaparilla in it and drop it into boiling water and let steep. Add agave or honey or succinate for flavour. It’s also good for venereal disease, by the way.

According to Dr. John Heinerman in his book Heinerman’s Encyclopaedia of Healing Herbs & Spices (1996), “For venereal diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhoea a sarsaparilla tea has been shown to be effective” (p. 423). (He advocates, though, a much more detailed preparation for that including the herbs yellow dock and thyme.)

Sarsaparilla is especially potent for men as it has a lot of valuable hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and cortin (Christopher, 1976, p. 84). It has applicability to women, though, as well.

Female Rejuvenator for Females

While there are many supplement or vitamin companies in the world, very few will voluntarily conform to U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) or British Pharmacopoeia standards. One company we have discovered does just that.

This company has produced a gem of a female-specific supplement that works enhances female health issues like menstrual, menopausal, libido, and others.

All of their product ingredients are pharmaceutical-grade quality and are verified in independent laboratories. They assert that their product actually meets the aforementioned British Pharmacopoeia pharmaceutical drug standards for their extraction processes and actually meet FDA standards.

That is the highest quality possible in this world.

Plus, all their products are produced in what are called “cGMP” compliant facilities. The “cGMP” stands for “current Good Manufacturing Practices” and ensures absolute quality in the construction, material, facilities and raw nutrients of the product.

Their in-house manufacture of the supplements is noteworthy as well as their usage of pharmaceutical blending not paddle/ribbon, blender-type mixers the way most vitamin female-reju-botcompanies do. This ensures you uniformity of ingredient dispersion.

They also offer a full one-year money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it. We can vouch for this product. It works really well and helps to restore and improve sexual functionality potency.

That is not its main purpose but is a by-product of the pristine pharmaceutical-grade quality ingredients that seem to be really synergistically blended.

In fact, the company asserts — and guarantees — that 80% of its nutrients are assimilated compared to the more traditional 10% to 20% for over-the-counter inferior supplements.

Male Rejuvenator

The company that produces the female rejuvenator for females product also produces their male version called appropriately male rejuvenator for males. This product is male specific with male-rejuv-botprostate-enhancing nutrients among other elements.

It really is potent, though, in enhancing or “rejuvenating” sexual desire as well as “sweeting” the male orgasm like the female rejuvenator does for women.

When combined with bee pollen, it’s shocking how noticeable it is. If men are looking for an all-natural alternative to Viagra or cialis, at a fraction of the cost, this is it. It is heartily recommended.
Superfoods Conclusion

We realize that this is a lot and can grow in expense. So, if you can only use one of these, use the recommended bee pollen supplement. Its effects by itself will be noticeable. We heartily endorse it and testify as to its effectiveness. (We’ve been using it for almost eight years.)

If you can afford buying two, we recommend the bee pollen supplement here and GoChi juice from FreeLife.

Or alternatively if you doubt the efficacy of goji juice, we recommend the bee pollen supplement and the female rejuvenator for females if you’re female or the male rejuvenator for males.

The bee pollen supplement and the rejuvenator supplements are made in cGMP-compliant facilities and the ingredients are certified in third-party laboratories as their quality. That appeals to us.

There you have it. The information contained in this short superfoods article will dramatically improve your libido and markedly enhance your sexual pleasure.

We hope this superfoods article has been beneficial to you.

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