bognor bees nest

We found a bees nest in one of our trees in Aldwick Road, Bognor Regis and there must have been 1000 bees in this nest. The scariest thing was that most of the bees were outside of it and looked very aggressive possibly tring to defend in some way.

This was an old oak tree that needed to come down anyway and we had planned to bring it down for the summer. We decided to call in the tree suregeons in Bognor Regis immediately to see if they could help. They certainly did that! Grahame and his team were extremely proficient at pulling down this huge nest and moving it out of our property, relocating it somewhere else.

Soon after the nest had gone, they began work on the troublesome oak that we had planned to remove. I have to say the service I have recieved from Tree Rangers is first class and I would not hesitate for a hot second to recommend them to anyone (not just for bee problems) but for their knowledge of trees, their safety procedures and just the overalll service.

I run this website as a hobby as I love bee pollen products but wanted to give a special mention for them as they did a truly wonderful job.

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