What are the bee pollen side effects that have been reported? Honeybee bread is one of the world’s greatest foods, but is it safe? Learn the truth here.

What are the specific bee pollen side effects one should know about? (Bee pollen is also called “honeybee bread”)? It is safe for the vast majority of people but not for all. Knowing what its side effects are is something every user of a this superfood supplement should be aware of.

Understanding honeybee bread guidelines and precautions will dramatically reduce any risk you may incur through the systematic taking of such a health product.

Again, by almost all accounts, honeybee bread and bee products appear to be very safe. Bee bread itself has been used for years by athletes and non-athletes alike. Still, as Confucius once said, “The cautious seldom err.”
Core Health Benefits

The health benefits of it are substantial. It’s no surprise that capsules and/or granules have grown in popularity.

I want to focus primarily on side effects and guidelines here, which you can see in the section bee pollen side effects & jarbelow, so if you’d like more information on the advantages of it, please read my benefits web page within this site.

Briefly, however, some of the core benefits of it are:

It increases the sex drive in both men and women.
It holds off the ravages of age and is anti-carcinogenic.
It increases energy levels.
Its weight loss capabilities should also be mentioned as it helps to increase the metabolism, spurring weight loss (this is due to the lecithin it).
You could literally live off of raw pollen in an emergency as it has every vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and enzyme known to man.

…and there are actually more…for this list is by no means comprehensive. \
Specific Bee Pollen Side Effects

So, what are the side effects we need to be aware of? What are the guidelines you need to know about this nutritional supplement? You should know that there is potential for serious reactions as at least 5% of Americans are allergic to ragweed flower-pollen.

In turn, pollen has pollen from ragweed or plants that cross-react with ragweed, like chrysanthemums, dandelions, and sunflowers.

Some side effects are allergic reactions like itchy throat, wheezing, coughing, hives, and skin flushing.

All these are characteristic responses for someone who is allergic to bee products. If any of these responses happen to you upon taking bee pollen, discontinue its usage and consult your doctor immediately.

It is wise to see your doctor before starting any new supplement regime and I advise accordingly. Err on the side of caution — that is a key point I want to make on this side effects web page.

Severe allergic responses are also possible including anaphylactic shock. This can be fatal.
Specific Bee Pollen Side Effects, Cont’d

Anaphylactic or anaphylaxis is characterized as a vehement response to a drug, food, or supplement causing convulsions, breathing problems and unconsciousness. If you question the purity of your granules or bread, start taking it in very small dosages and then work up from there.

bee pollen granulesIf you notice nothing, you’re probably not allergic to it — the vast majority of people are not. If you have asthma or an allergy to bee stings, consult with your doctor first. If you’re allergic to bee stings, chances are you would have a reaction to the bread and shouldn’t take it.

Be especially aware of your physical responses when taking any new supplement. Honeybee bread is no exception. Pregnant and lactating women should consult with their doctor about taking bee supplements, (or any supplement really) even if they’ve been taking it previously.

Children should be given very small doses to see if any unwanted physical allergic responses occur. In truth, it is best — and wisest — not to give a child 12 years of age and under any of the honeybee bread.

Final Word:
While these guidelines are effective and important, the vast majority of people have no adverse reactions to any honeybee products. Nevertheless, if you have any doubts about it, consult with your licensed doctor first.
How To Choose Good HoneyBee Granules To Avoid Bee Pollen Side Effects

Buying granules or powder that follows certain guidelines can go a long way in curtailing any risk with your daily supplement dosage goals.

Not all honeybee bread is created equal. Some gather their pollen from inferior sources and this affects the nutritional potency of the end product.

Make sure you get only the best quality bread supplement product, I recommend you ensure your supplement follows the following criteria.

1. Buy your from a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility that has certificate of analysis (COA) for every batch produced. This certifies product quality. As most of the pollen sold in the U.S. comes from China, most of these honeybee bread batches have actually been shown to be contaminated.

You need to know the source from where it is coming from. Getting only GMP compliant product ensures you’re getting pharmaceutical grade quality product.

2. If you’re buying powder or granules instead of tablet supplements, only buy freeze dried. This prevents the bread from becoming oxidized thus maintaining nutritional potency. (Remember, with most granules or bread, 95% of its nutritional value isn’t even assimilated and this is why.)

TIP: Here’s a little trick to get better assimilation from your granules. Soak your desired amount overnight in a bowl of water (preferably distilled or filtered). This will substantially increase the assimilation of it.

3. Lastly, avoid processed, heated, or heat dried honeybee bread as this destroys the nutrients as well.
100%, One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

After much research, I came across a company that meets the criteria above (it’s in capsule form). A New Zealand company has a honeybee bread supplement product that is pharmaceutical grade quality, made in GMP facilities that actually exceed FDA requirements.

The bread itself comes from flower-pollen that is gathered in the pristine North West corner of New Zealand’s South Island.

This company also certifies that the product is at a minimum 80% assimilatedby the system, offering an unconditional money-back guarantee. Plus, all of its products, their bee bread supplement included are made in a FDA-registered and GMP-compliant facility ensuring the highest standards of purity possible. (This is very rare for a supplement company.)

Xtend-Life Bee PollenTheir product is scientifically formulated containing not only honeybee bread, but also vitamins, minerals, specialty minerals, and nutrient-rich enzymes.

It also has Vitamin E not to mention the core energy giving B vitamin complex.

I’ve been taking this bee pollen product and honeybee bread in general for over 25 years and can testify to the overall health benefits of it.

I’ve experience significantly greater energy so if you’re looking to get the benefits of pollen for yourself, I encourage you to explore further. Thank you for visiting beepollensecrets.com.

I hope this bee pollen side effects article was helpful to you.

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